Baseball Rebellion Pitching Breakdown: Marcus Stroman

Written By: Dave Shinskie

Baseball Rebellion Pitching Breakdown:

Marcus Stroman

Marcus Stroman will most likely be the Toronto Blue Jays opening day starter this year. He was named the MVP of the World Baseball Classic after pitching 6+ no-hit innings in the championship vs Puerto Rico.

He is a young, talented pitcher who shows a lot of emotion out on the mound and uses it to his advantage. Stroman is only 5’8″ tall, but packs a big punch off the mound when throwing heat. He throws a 2-seam fastball between 92 and 94mph, and works to pitch to contact instead of over powering batters. He is a smart pitcher, not only because he attended Duke, but also because he is able to utilize a mix of his timing and pitches through his delivery.

In this breakdown I will explain why I like how he uses this to his advantage against one of the best line ups Stroman or anyone will face in Puerto Rico. I hope you enjoy the breakdown and are able to pick up a few tips.

I see Marcus Stroman having the potential for a long successful career in the Big Leagues.

Thanks for watching.

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