MLB Draft 2016: Baseball Rebellion’s Prospects to Watch

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MLB Draft 2016: Baseball Rebellion’s Prospects to Watch

The 2016 MLB Draft is starting tonight, Thursday June, 9th, and all of us here at Baseball Rebellion couldn’t be more excited. There is a large amount of talent in this class, and with some BRrebel’s potentially drafted tonight through Saturday, we are all anticipating a great next few days! In honor of the 2016 MLB Draft starting, Baseball Rebellion is writing this joint article, to break down some of our favorite swings, and pitching deliveries, as well as share some of our thoughts and insights on players / outcomes.

Bo Bichette Swing Breakdown: Chas Pippitt

I’ve known Bo Bichette since November of 2015.  Bo came in, he was quiet, but goodness gracious his bat was LOUD.  The main things we worked on with Bo was his stride direction and his ability to adjust to off speed pitches.  He evaluated at 99.9mph with wood off front toss and left with a 105.4mph exit speed which was the Baseball Rebellion HS record at the time.  Bo’s brother, Dante Junior, is a Yankees Farmhand and a good friend.  Dante Senior played for the Colorado Rockies for many years and almost won a triple crown. Bo Bichette has a chance to be the best of the bunch with his spectacular movement patterns and upward extension in his upper body, one of the toughest things for any HS hitter to support.  His amazing lower half actions allow for tremendous power and adjustability which he showcased all year long in Florida, earning Gatorade Player of the Year in the state.  From all of us at Baseball Rebellion, good luck Bo, we hope this day is one you remember fondly forever! Drafted Overall: 66th Round: 2nd Pick: 25

*I wanted to thank Bo Bichette for sending me his game footage.  Always great to see what real players do in games vs highlights or HR derby settings. 

Blake Rutherford Swing Breakdown: Gabe Dimock

In Baseball America’s latest 2016 MLB Mock Draft, Blake Rutherford is slated to be picked in the middle of the first round. Rutherford is a 6 foot 3, high school, outfielder who weighs in at 195 pounds and displays five-tool potential including the ability to hit for contact and power. In the video above, I explain why Rutherford’s hitting mechanics give him a great chance to realize his potential and meet the expectations set for him based on a likely 1st round draft pick and a lofty signing bonus. Drafted Overall: 18th Round: 1 Pick: 18 

Jameson Fisher Swing Breakdown: JK Whited

Jameson Fisher was called “the best hitter in college baseball” at least 5 times in the game I saw him play last weekend. From Southeastern Louisiana, Jameson just had himself a great Junior year, especially after a rough injury the year before. Fisher’s swing is well above the “college swing standard” and is a lot of fun to watch if admire smooth and powerful swings.  His 11 home runs and 16 doubles are only overshadowed by his outstanding .424 batting average with only 31 strikeouts.  Jameson’s upper body fluidity and timing is one of the more impressive moves I have seen out of a college hitter and his lower half mechanics are just as good.  I really look forward to seeing where Jameson Fisher’s swing will take him in the next few years and hopefully the injury bug won’t follow him to the MLB. Drafted Overall: 116th Round: 4 Pick: 10

Gavin Lux Swing Breakdown: KC Judge

For my First Baseball Rebellion Swing Breakdown, I chose to analyze the hitting mechanics of 2016 MLB Draft prospect Gavin Lux, a HS middle infielder from Kenosha, WI. Gavin’s swing consists of very solid lower body mechanics, utilizing a sway back load then moving forward into a bent front leg. Another aspect in Gavin’s swing I like is the movement in his back elbow and how both elbows move/work together as he starts to accelerate the barrel.

Gavin Lux has a very high level swing, and while there is not much I would change, but “to be nit picky” he could do a better job with how his back foot moves. While his back foot does a great job moving up / pulled forward, it doesn’t move forward enough, leading him to finish on the outside of his pinky toe. If his back foot moved forward a little more, he wouldn’t finish on the outside of his foot.

*I wanted to take this time to thank Gavin for sending us this video. Candid video is very cool to break down, and I really appreciate him sending Chas and Baseball Rebellion the video so we could take a look at it.

All in all Gavin Lux has many, very high-level qualities in his swing and I’m looking forward to watching him play in the future. Good luck in the draft Gavin! Drafted Overall: 20th Round: 1 Pick: 20

Riley Pint & Justin Dunn Pitching Breakdown: Dave Shinskie

In my 2016 MLB Draft Pitching Breakdown I chose to look at the pitching mechanics of Prospects Riley Pint (HS Senior from St. Thomas Aquinas, KS) and Justin Dunn (Junior at Boston College) “my alma mater!” As two of the top pitchers in this years draft, I wanted to compare the similarities and differences in their deliveries. As you will see in the video above, I really like Pint’s upper half and Dunn’s lower half. Due to his mechanical advantage, I believe Justin Dunn will have more success and will experience less arm trouble, however both will be offered huge contracts and have a big decision ahead of them. I wish both guys good luck in the 2016 MLB Draft and their playing future! Id love to help either of these guys and hope they can make the changes I address in the breakdown to help make them the most dominant and durable pitchers in the draft! Riley Pint – Drafted Overall: 4th Round: 1 Pick: 4 / Justin Dunn – Drafted Overall: 19th Round: 1 Pick: 19

I also did a Pitching Breakdown on 2016 MLB Draft Prospect AJ Puk Last week! Click Here to Watch the Breakdown!

Thank you all for reading, and Good Luck to all the players in the draft over the next 3 days!

Stay Tuned for updates to the article with outcomes and recaps of the Draft and Tweet at us @BRrebellion during the draft any questions or thoughts you may have about or breakdowns or the actions that unfold. Also Tweet at us if you see any hitters or pitchers you would be interested in us breaking down in the future! #JoinTheRebellion #BaseballRebellion #MLBDraft

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