2016 Home Run Derby Competition Draft

Written By: Chas Pippitt

Baseball Rebellion 2016 Home Run Derby Competition Draft

The 2016 Baseball Rebellion Home Run Derby Competition draft has been completed and the teams are set! We  hope you were able to tune into our live draft through Periscope but in case you missed it, you can watch our draft video below. As JK has mentioned a couple thousand times since last year, he has won the past 3 years, so the rest of the Baseball Rebellion crew will do their best to dethrone him as the champion. We currently have a twitter poll (@BRrebellion) going on at the moment where you can vote on who you think will win. Also Tweet at us during the Home Run Derby your thoughts or any questions. We will have a Home Run Derby Recap for you as well as our thoughts on the hitters swings later in the week so check back in on Friday!

HR Derby Draft Order / Selections

1st: Carlos Gonzalez (JK)

2nd: Giancarlo Stanton (Chas)

3rd:  Mark Trumbo (Gabe)

4th: Robinson Cano (KC)

5th: Will Myers (KC)

6th: Todd Frazier (Gabe)

7th: Adam Duvall (Chas)

8th: Corey Seager (JK)

2016 BR Home Run Derby Competition Draft

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