Baseball Rebellion Case Study: Hannah Morris

Written By: Gabe Dimock
Baseball Rebellion Prospect Hannah Morris

Hannah Morris

Class: 2018

Home Town: Durham, NC

Height: 5′ 6”

Bats / Throws: L / R

Position: Pitcher, 1st Base, 3rd Base

Ball Exit Speed: 72.6mph

20 Yard Dash: 3.0

Hannah started training with us at I.T.S. Baseball in March of 2015. For many, this can be a tricky time to start making swing changes because it is in the heart of the high school softball season. Hannah was unafraid and dived into her training. As you will see in her initial video below, Hannah came to us as a coordinated hitter but lacked athletic movement in her stride and lacked a lower half that maximized her turn. She was starting on her high school’s varsity softball team as a Freshman and recorded ball exit speeds as high as 62 MPH. Hannah’s willingness to learn and her hard work allowed for big improvements to happen very quickly. After just three lessons I opened my email inbox to find the following message and picture from Hannah’s mom:

Hannah Morris
After the first few lessons, we usually re-test our students with the radar gun to numerically quantify their progress. Hannah’s ball exit speeds improved 10 MPH! Her top ball exit speed is 72.6 as seen in the picture at the beginning of this post. Hannah’s radar gun results certainly validated her hard work and confirmed that her in-game improvements were the result of real changes she was making! Below is a series of videos that allow you to see Hannah’s progression through our program.

Initial Video

Our process with any hitter at I.T.S. Baseball begins with an evaluation. After we watched the video above, we identified inefficiencies in Hannah’s stride and turn. Hannah and her parents went all in with our recommendations. Hannah learned how to move her body differently in the mirror and the improved results came shortly after. Below is a video of Hannah less than a month after her evaluation.

 April 2015

In just a few short weeks, Hannah made great strides. While she still had things to work on, the tempo and distance of her stride and the speed of her turn improved dramatically. Hannah was instantly more powerful, consistent, and adjustable. As Hannah continued to train and practice she only became more comfortable. As this happened, her speed, confidence, and power went through the roof as you’ll see in the latest videos below.

August 2015 (Back View)

August 2015 (Side View)

 August 2015 (Diagonal View)

Hannah’s hard work in the batting cage as well as in Will’s Athlete Development Program has really paid off. Hannah recently committed to Radford University! Congratulations to Hannah and I hope her transformation inspires other aspiring hitters to make positive swing changes.


3 thoughts on "Baseball Rebellion Case Study: Hannah Morris"

  1. Steve Nichols says:

    Damn, that’s a pretty swing! Congrats guys and Hannah! Good luck this season.

    Steve Nichols
    Greendale Fastpitch

  2. Mike says:

    Do you sell the Athletic Development Program?

    1. Gabe Dimock says:


      Great question! Currently we only provide the ADP to our in person clients but we are hoping to expand it to our online clients as well in the future. Please stay tuned into our Baseball Rebellion website as we will announce any new products through our site! Thanks for the question.

      -Gabe Dimock

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