Baseball Rebellion Case Study: Our Latest Game Changer

Written By: Chas Pippitt

As the talent pool at Baseball Rebellion has increased, I wanted to make an outlet to showcase the talent within our in person and online program that was powerful and also free to the kids we work with who are ready for their exposure. There are many companies that will make a scouting video for a young hitter or pitcher, but if you can purchase that video or web page, with no filtering process then there is no ‘quality control’ of the players on the site. Unfortunately, this makes the sites less desirable for coaches to go to as they have to sift through all of the players and spend their valuable time weeding out the wanna-bees to get to the PROSPECTS. At Baseball Rebellion, we’ve eliminated the clutter and included only the best of the best of our program. We call it: Baseball Rebellion Prospects.

What is Baseball Rebellion Prospects?

Baseball Rebellion Prospects is a video and written chronicle of the development of an athlete through our program over time.  In some cases, we have video of them through over 5 years of their progression as hitters/athletes!  Sometimes there will be game footage, 60 yard dash videos, ball exit speed pictures, and just raw video of the kid’s delivery or swing.  Baseball Rebellion Prospects allows us to showcase a player, through our platform of Baseball Rebellion, to the masses of college and professional scouts without charging a player any money for that exposure.  You cannot purchase a write-up on Baseball Rebellion Prospects. A player can only earn it with his or her work ethic and deserve it with excellent play on the field and grades in the classroom. As I have worked hard to become more active on Twitter and other social media (follow Baseball Rebellion HERE) I have realized the extreme power of the video we have of our hitters and the platform of Baseball Rebellion. I want to use that volume of video to inform coaches and scouts all over the country who our top players are and help those families manage their recruiting process or draft preparations.

What’s the Difference Between Being in an Article and Being in Baseball Rebellion Prospects?

If you are featured in an article, you’ve done something very well or improved upon a problem that was very bad.  You demonstrate excellence or improvement in one specific area or technique.  If you are featured in Baseball Rebellion Prospects, that is Baseball Rebellion putting it’s stamp of approval on you in your current development as someone who we think will continue their career after high school either in Junior College, NCAA, or Professional Baseball or Softball.  To date, this is the highest honor and most recognition we have ever given our athletes, and as our stable grows, so will the gravity of being a Baseball Rebellion Prospects featured player.

Why Baseball Rebellion Prospects Now?

Over the last 2 years, Baseball Rebellion has had 7 players drafted and sent numerous kids to division 1 universities and had many others commit to play baseball/softball after high school at the D2, D3 and Junior college levels. Who knows how many of those kids were ‘missed’ by the system and could have benefitted from more exposure through our program when they were ready for it? Justin and I have written extensively on exposure vs being exposed, you can see those articles here, (Part 1 and Part 2) and we’re not going to put kids up on these pages who aren’t ready. We are not going to waste the time of coaches and scouts.  We are going to put our best players forward, in both baseball and softball, and let the internet do the rest.  We are all so excited about Baseball Rebellion Prospects and we hope college coaches and scouts everywhere check back frequently for updates on these players and new players as we add to our growing legion of hitters and pitchers.

Chas Pippitt, Leader of the Baseball Rebellion

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  1. Steve Nichols says:

    What an awesome service! Congratulations!

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    Chas – what an awesome idea! Can’t wait to read about how these kids young and old are breaking through!

    Good luck.

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