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Want Better Player Development?

You've Come to the Right Organization

The East Coach Clippers and Baseball Rebellion partnering together gives the Clippers team unparalleled coaching and access to different player development training programs than any team in the state of North Carolina.

Baseball Rebellion is an industry leader in player development and we are excited to bring our technology and knowledge together with the Clippers teams to provide players with access to things they can't get anywhere else. 

Off-Season Training/Program

One of the first things that will set this organization apart is the off-season strength and conditioning program that we are going to have for all High School aged players. In that off-season program players will have access to but not limited to:

  • Monitored strength, conditioning, speed programming
  • Weekly Hittrax Game
  • $50 Lesson Rate at Baseball Rebellion (Normally $60, available only during the duration of the 10-week program)
  • Unlimited access to WinReality vision training sessions
  • 3 Test/evaluation sessions ($1000 value)
    • Each evaluation includes:

In-Season Plan


Multiple practices per week (depending on game schedule) with one practice per week conducted at Baseball Rebellion’s 14k square foot training facility in Durham, NC, and at least one practice outdoors together as a team. Having an indoor facility ensures that the players training isn’t hurt or delayed due to inclement weather or field unavailability

Game Schedule/Roster Size

The plan is to play 6-7 Showcase-style tournaments from June-August. Between Perfect Game, PBR, and other showcase tournament organizers there will be plenty of chances to play against some of the best teams in the region and give the  East Coast Clipper Teams the chance to showcase their talents to coaches at the next level. 12-15 Players. 

Technology Access During Practices and Games

No other showcase team in the state would have the amount of access to different technologies like the EC Clipper organization partnered with Baseball Rebellion.

HitTrax- Real-time batted ball data during practice that tracks Exit Velocity, Distance, Launch Angle, Batting Average + much more.

Rapsodo- Pitchers can get full bullpen reports that track every pitches Velocity, Break, Spin Rate, Spin Efficiency + much more

Diamond Kinetics- Will be used in practice & in-game (if the player chooses to) to provide coaches, players, and parents will swing data to ensure the player’s taking the proper swing for what they are trying to work on. Tracks bat speed, time to contact, on-plane efficiency + much more.

Win Virtual Reality Timing Training- This technology allows us to take a deeper dive into our athlete's training and jump into training the vision of the hitter. Just as we use Hittrax and Diamond Kinetics to measure and test the swing, WinReality can be used to test what the hitter is seeing and how we can improve it. 

We are very fortunate to have access to such cutting edge technology that can be seen used by various MLB Organizations as well as high-profile college programs such as Vanderbilt and Duke. This technology will allow your athletes to see and prepare for the exact pitching they will face and compile hundreds of at-bats before even stepping into the box

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