Stop Casting Your Hands in the Swing

Written By: Garrett Gordon

Stop Casting Your Hands in the Swing

Staying connected in the swing is vital for a hitter’s success.  Cast your hands and barrel in your swing can result in poor contact and consistency when hitting. Oftentimes hitters mindlessly hit off the tee thinking they are getting better.  With this simple drill, you can make sure you are staying connected better and improve your bat path to the ball.

What is Casting Your Hands

Or is it Casting the Barrell?

This has been a hot topic all my life and something coaches have talked about many times before.  Whether you think it's the hands casting, barrel casting or barrel dumping guess what you are right.  Each one describes and identifies disconnection in the swing. Hitters can only get better if they are performing the swing properly the drill will help them reinforce good habits!

The Explanation
The Drill

Stay Tuned for Part 2 Where Garrett Explains How to Set Up This Drill to Different Pitch Locations Using a Tee

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