Stay at Home Hitting & Fielding Drills- Week 1

Written By: Eric Tyler

Stay at Home Hitting Drills- Week 1

While most of our country is safe at home during this time, we wanted to give some drills that can be done easily inside. We will continue posting these drills across our various social media platforms and on our website as well. If you have a drill that you're doing at home send it to and we will highlight it in one of our "Stay at Home" series!

The Wall Stride Drill

Tilted Posture Drill

Turn to Catch

  • Improve timing and direction of rotation
  • Focus on the hitter turning their face to contact instead of using their peripheral vision.
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Trains to adjust posture to different locations of the pitch.

Wall Ball

The Turn Behind

  • Increased barrel awareness
  • Better understanding of acceleration
  • Creates a deeper barrel path to allow the hitter to get "on plane" sooner

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