Front Arm Constraint Drill For Hitters

Written By: Garrett Gordon

How You Can Practice Using Your Whole Body to Swing

Often times it is hard for hitters to feel their backside working to the ball.  With this front arm constraint drill, the hitter only has one way to turn, behind the ball.

This drill specifically forces hitters to turn efficiently due to their front arm being held still. 

This will make hitters feel how they have to initially work behind the ball. While also promoting more power and a quality bat path.

Benefits of the Front Arm Constraint Drill

1.Front Side Flying Open

When hitters fly open with their front side it is often due to a pull forward with their front arm.  Causing the front shoulder to yank, making the hitters spin off the ball.

Since we are holding onto the pad or a net with our front arm the hitter will feel their front shoulder pull causing them to pull away from the net or pad.  Then they will have to make adjustment correctly to turn from their backside and crush the pad or net correctly

2. Avoid Top Spun Groundballs

Everyone hates top spun grounders, this is mostly because the hotter pulls with their front side causing their bat path to swipe across to the pull side. 

Swing direction starts from where you start you swing from. With this front arm constraint drill, this will help hitters create a better move behind the ball making them drive ball versus top spun grounders.

3. Quality of Contact

 If you are having a lot of mishits and not squaring up the ball, this drill is for you. Mishits come from lack of timing and poor bat path. 

If your timing is good and you're still not crushing the ball, try this drill to help feel the proper sequence of the swing.

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