Four Indoor Hitting Drills You Can Do Today

Written By: Tyler Zupcic

Four Indoor Hitting Drills

We put together four of our favorite indoor hitting drills that you can do in your garage, back yard, and even your living room. Don't let your training fall behind by trying these four indoor hitting drills today.

1. Front Arm Constraint Drill

This drill specifically forces hitters to turn the right way due to their front arm being held still.  This will make hitters feel how they have to initially work behind the ball. This promotes more power and a quality bat path.

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2. Directional Jump Drill for Front Leg Force

As a hitter, you must have a strong base. Part of that base is your legs. Not only the strength of your legs but also how you produce force with them, specifically the front leg. Depth jumps are a popular drill on social media right now and rightly so.

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3. JK Drill 2.0

Learn how the barrel is supposed to turn in the swing and have you can create a more consistent bat path.

4. Rack Bat Drills

Get Consistent Hard Contact with Side Bend

Remember, proper side bend cannot happen without first getting into a hip hinge. The posture change from hip hinge into side bend is best practice with the Rack Bat. If you want to start driving balls farther and over the fence, get to practicing your side bend today.

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