Don’t Take the Knob to the Ball!

Written By: Garrett Gordon

DON'T Push the Knob to the Ball

Taking the hands out of the swing is something that hitters have a hard time trusting.  Often leads to mis-hits and poor bat path.  A Lot of coaches teach lead with the knob of that bat to the ball.  This does somewhat happen but not as drastic as some hitting coaches make it. 

Stop Pushing the Knob to the Ball

NEVER Do This Drill

Here's the Drill You SHOULD Be Doing

3 Things To Focus On When Doing This Drill


  • We obviously have to rotate our body to hit the ball hard. 
  • But without the bat being connected it will be hard to remain consistent and hit the ball hard. 
  • Feel the bat turn with the body, you can think about keeping your hands close to your back shoulder.

Slowing Things Down

Bat Path-

  • Since we are focusing on turning the right way will really clean up your bat path and help you make hard consistent contact

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