New Year, New Drill! Check out the Anchored Band Drill

Written By: Garrett Gordon

Deliver More Force In Your Swing

When hitters come to us here at Baseball Rebellion they want to hit the ball harder, farther, and most do both those things more consistently. Understanding the sequence of the swing and where power comes is crucial to becoming a better hitter.

We all know we have to turn our hips to start the swing.  Often times hitters will yank their back foot with their hip too soon causing issues.  If you want to deliver more force into your swing, then the Anchored Band Drill may be what you need!

Anchored Band Drill

3 Things The Anchored Band Drill Will Help

Understanding The Sequence:  The hips must fire first as the upper body resists during the initial part of the swing.  If the back foot immediately comes off the ground then the force may somewhat be lost and two its will sometimes cause the direction of the force of the swing to get above the plane of the pitch.  The goal here is to understand that the back hip can fire and turn without the back foot jumping off the ground.  After the hips fire and stop that's when the back foot may turn and even pull forward.

Less Top Spun Balls: Hitters will feel strong and fast in their sewing and then start making contact above the equator of the ball.  We know that we need to slightly hit the bottom of the ball working up.  If you immediately jump off your backside. This will cause your bat path to rise above the correct path of the ball resulting in rollovers pull-side and weak contact.

Swing Direction:  The direction of the swing starts with the back hip firing correctly.  If we have that jump spinning motion we never really get the force of the turn to go where we want it.  The key is to feel the hips direct the swing path from the start.  While maintaining a connection to the ground it will give hitters the best chance to make hard contact.

One Thing to Lookout For

Make sure you pay attention to what your back heel does.  We want to make sure that when we turn our hips the back heel is pulled with it.  This will result in a more organic and natural move then try to force the back foot through the turn. You need to pay attention to where I place the band as well.  It's not under the midfoot or the heel.

The band should be placed under the ball of the front foot. The goal is to get the hips to turn while keeping the front of the foot planted as the back heel is pulled up and forward with the back hip.

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