Create Proper Bat Path with the PVC Pipe Drill

Written By: Garrett Gordon

Create Proper Bat Path with the PVC Pipe Drill

Create Proper Bat Path

Bat path issues plague hitters of all ages. With most hitters being taught a level, straight to the ball approach, you see a ton of mishits and pop-ups. To help create proper bat path in your hitters, try this PVC Snap Drill with a resistance band

 This drill focuses on hitters to turn behind the ball early which helps create a better bat path through the zone. 

Once a hitter feels the correct path to the ball they will be able to understand and correct themselves much faster.

PVC Pipe Snap Drill

3 Ways This Drill Helps Create Proper Bat Path

1.Start of the Swing

  • We all know that we have to create separation with the load and fire the hips when we swing.   
  • This drill is to help understand what the hands, arms, and shoulders should do in your swing. 
  • If a hitter pushes their hands down early their bat path is not efficient versus what I want to happen when performing this drill.
  • Once a hitter feels the upper body movement correctly they then can understand what not to do and why they aren't hitting the ball as well. 

2.Turning Behind the Ball

  • As I have written out before the difference between attacking bat path and the ball is very different and produces very different results. 
  • Understanding that the bat has to work behind you first before it can move forward is crucial for making hard consistent contact.


  • This is a significant problem that many hitters have.  Due to the fact that many coaches say “ get your hands to the ball”. 
  • Well, that makes zero sense because your barrel is what hits the ball, I know pretty crazy right?
  • That cue alone will cause hitters to push their hands forward resulting in a slow swing and inconsistent contact.

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One thought on "Create Proper Bat Path with the PVC Pipe Drill"

  1. Larry Walker says:

    love the drill Garrett… seems like it keeps the swing connected and gets the on plane early.

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