What Does Being Connected in the Swing Actually Look Like?

Written By: Garrett Gordon

What Does Being Connected in the Swing Actually Look Like?

Most coaches will blurt out 'stay connected' to their hitters during games and practices. But this often times leaves parents and players asking, "What does being connected in the swing actually look like?" or, "What does being connected mean?"

Poor posture and slow rotation is a killer in any hitters swing. We must focus on how a hitter rotates.

After we get our hitters to load, stride and turn properly we have to talk about connection. (Connection is having a 90-degree angle between your bat and spine when you start the swing

Since our body makes the bat turn fast through the zone we have to understand how and what connection really is. This gets our bat at the right angle to swing fast and pitches we can drive.

Early Connection is Key

Pete Alonso is one of the best power hitters in the game right now.  He does a great job setting himself for success through rhythm and timing. And by also getting the bat connected early. Check the video out below to fully understand why connection should be important to you!

Connection Ball Drill

Helps with Early Connection and Connection at Impact

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