Half Turns for Barrel Awareness

Written By: Eric Tyler

Barrel Awareness and Consistency with Half Turns

The nature of most older hitters is to be aggressive. Obviously, this isn’t always the case for young hitters which is why the emphasis on speed and aggression is a major component of coaching youth hitters. Their lack of barrel awareness allows them to be inconsistent with their contact and aggression

However, once the hitter has an adequate understanding of the aggression and intent needed to hit at a high level, they must understand where to direct that aggression and bat speed. For the long term development of the hitter, they must have an understanding of the swing. Because of this, they must know what is important or vital to each swing. All of these things lead to increased barrel awareness. 

Half Turn Drill

3 Ways This Drill Can Help Hitters with Consistency

Generating Early Bat Speed




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Hitters who tend to hit off their front leg must hit the ball significantly farther out in front. Because of this, they have less time to make better decisions.

They also tend to create late bat speed often times after contact. By emphasizing early bat speed we allow hitters to have better direction. Additionally, they have more time to make good decisions.

Barrel & Body Direction




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In relation to early bat speed, late bat speed can also cause the bat to accelerate too far across the hitter’s chest. This will cause the bat to get off plane sooner.

By emphasizing where the barrel speeds up and forces the hitter to stop after contact, they must use the correct direction to be successful.

Creating Barrel Awareness




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By isolating the swing and focusing on the early portion of the bat path, the hitter develops an understanding of how the bat moves and how the body must sequence.

The hitter having a true understanding of this and how vital it gives them the ability to make adjustments without an instructor in real-time.

One Thing to Avoid When Performing this Drill

Re-striding after initial start- This drill is not to use momentum in order to put force into the ball. Instead, it is used to show the hitter the value in early bat speed. Also how much of the vital components of the swing happen behind the midline of the hitter.

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