4 Drills to Hit for More Power

Written By: Tyler Zupcic


The Best Drills to Hit for More Power, NOW!

Medicine Ball Throws

The Med Ball Throws are great to help develop a hitter’s rotational power. Hitters of all ages perform med ball throws daily here at Baseball Rebellion. Here are the recommended med ball sizes (in pounds) for each age group: -8U: 4-6 Pounds -10U: 6 Pounds -12U: 6-8 Pounds -Middle School: 8-10 Pounds -High School: 10-12 Pounds -College: 14-20 Pounds

The Wheel Drill

If you are training to hit the ball higher and farther, you must first learn how we have to use the body in order to hit for power like this. Use the Wheel drill in your baseball training when you are trying to fix your downward swing path. This is a great drill to help a hitter feel the early tilt in their swing and then feel the upward swing path through contact!

The Turn Behind The Turn

This drill is an oldie but a goodie. Perhaps the best description I’ve ever heard of what the barrel is supposed to be doing comes from our CEO, Chas Pippitt. The “turn behind the turn” is the key to stop pushing your bat and develop deep barrel speed. It’s important to keep your hands up and back so the barrel can attack!

The Angled Noodle Drill

Use this drill to help you start hitting bombs low in the zone! The Angled Noodle Drill is designed to help baseball and softball hitters with their shoulder bend and hip hinge. This drill will help prepare hitters to hit for power on pitches lower in the strike zone! The Angled Noodle Drill will also help stay more connected and supported with the barrel.

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