Consistent Hard Contact Is All In The Hips

Written By: Garrett Gordon

Tired of Inconsistent Results? It Could Be Hip Slide

Consistency is key

Is your child seeing the ball well taking a decent turn and still not getting the results they want?  Often times when we are inconsistent we start to over-analyze hitters swing and start to change things that are irrelevant.  The goal with this article is to help hitters understand why and how they can fix being inconsistent whether it's hitting during batting practice or in the game. 

what is Hip Drift or Hip Slide?

Hip drift or hip sliding forward is a common thing that hitters can do without really knowing.  This drift or slide forward will cause you to be very inconsistent even when hitting off a tee, front toss or in the game.  The thing is, hitters can do this and still hit the baseball hard sometimes giving them a false sense that what they are doing is right.  When you're trying to maximize your rotational force drifting forward and running into baseballs versus turning into the ball are two things that are much different. 

The Perfect Example

Typically here at Baseball Rebellion, we are booked all day for all instructors.  With people calling in throughout the day slots go filled up until 9:20 pm. My last lesson of the day was with rising junior Landon H.  He has been with us for about three years and this was the first time I got to work with him. I asked him questions about what he wants to work on today and some other things that other instructors have said to him.  We began the session and got to work. I was kind of surprised right off the bat of how hard he could hit the ball. He’s a pretty big kid which was expected but he moved pretty well. There was something he was missing though. Below is a video within our session.  Here is what we learned.

Drills that Will Work

Front Hip Noodle Drill

This drill is great for hitters who continuously drift forward in their swing.  I have used a plastic hurdle in the past as a barrier to this exact problem.  JK constructed this device we have and we all have been using this for our lessons.  Creating barriers is something that most hitters need.  When the body gets out of position results and hard-hit balls will dwindle.  You can get creative to what you can use.  The main goal is to help hitters understand that once that front foot is down the body must turn in place.

Assisted Turns

Since working at Baseball Rebellion this drill is great for a number of things.  Assisted turns work on a hitters core strength and coordination.  The band forces hitters to fight the resistance band and stay back.  Lastly, it forces hitters to turn all the way.

Final Thoughts

The main thing that you can take away from this article is that once the front foot is down there shouldn't be any head movement or hip slide forward.  Now, this is easier said than done but if you want to get better, hit the ball harder and farther you have to get into certain positions.  Sliding forward after the front foot is down is going to inhibit your performance and leave hitters wondering what the hell is going.  Get your self on video, check your movements and go fix it! if you have any questions don't hesitate to drop a comment below.

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