Drills for Better Upper Body Mechanics

Written By: Garrett Gordon

Drills for Better Upper Body Mechanics

The upper body plays a vital role when it comes to the swing. Many hitters struggle with upper body control and direction. This article gives you a simple training plan to help understand what role your upper body and how it can help with swing direction.

Often a hitter will miss-hit the ball due to poor upper body direction. This upper-body direction plan gives hitters a simple layout on how they use their upper body properly to hit the ball. If your hitters struggle with flying open or issues understanding how to properly side bend, then this article is for you.

Pre-Hitting Movements

Turn Work with the Rebels Rack

The Rebel’s Rack is a staple in our program here at Baseball Rebellion. Teaching rotation the right way and understanding the direction of the shoulders throughout the hitters swing is vital for a hitter’s success. In the videos below you will not only see how to use the Rebels rack but will also gain some more insight on further ways to use it.

Perform 10 repetitions at each pitch height. Make sure you are striding and moving the same way for each turn. Make sure you move at full speed and turn with the intent to crush the ball.

Med Ball Throws

Another tool we use here at baseball rebellion is Medicine Ball throws. This helps the hitter feel something heavy and truly gives them a good feel on what their rotation should feel like. It also makes things fun due to the fact the hitter is chucking something with their rotation.

Perform 5 repetitions at each pitch height. Throw the ball explosively into the wall and try and limit the pushing motion of your hands. Focus on your posture and hip rotation while keeping the correct side bend throughout your turn.

Tee Work

Opened Stance Tee Drill

This is a great drill For hitters who truly struggle with upper body direction in their swing. Move the tee up down, in and out. I would start taking 5 swings at each pitch location might be around 30-45 swings total, depending on how dedicated you are to getting better. Take the time to do the reps with the focus on being what I talked about in the videos!

Front Toss

The same rules apply here as well but now you are hitting a moving ball. It is key to get someone who is somewhat competent at throwing a front toss or you will get frustrated. Take 10 swings driving the outside, middle, and inside pitch.

Final Thought

Everyone says they want a good swing and wants this, that, and whatever. Most fail to actually do anything! These drills will help you understand what you actually have to do as a hitter to create a good swing. Include this routine in your training to get full benefits and focus on what i talk about in the videos and it will help. This is a simple way to get in some quality reps

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