End Late Swings and Foul Balls – Bat Drag & the Bat Drag Buster!

Written By: JK Whited

As mentioned in the video above, bat drag is when a batter will pull their back elbow past the knob of the bat, delaying the barrel’s turn around the knob.  Therefore the barrel is being “dragged” behind the knob for a majority of the hitters swing, only to be turned or whipped out from behind at the last second.  Often times, this last second barrel turn will result in extremely inconsistent contact.  However, if the timing is perfect, hard contact can be had but is not sustainable as a player rises to competition level.

Once bat drag is identified as the main problem, the player must first learn how to use their lower half properly.  When a player has bat drag, their upper half is being used as the main driver for bat speed.  Learning the proper lower half techniques will help the player feel where power really starts from.

After or during a player’s lower half “renovation”, they can start to progress up the swing and really dive into fixing their bat drag.  Some players that are older or coordinated enough can begin to work on it sooner if they can handle it.  The Bat Drag Buster can really help a player feel the space between the elbows needed through their rotation.  With the bat drag buster on and a series of drill provided by the Baseball/Softball Rebellion, players can learn to also turn their barrels deeper and faster into the hitting zone and therefore eliminate their “drag”.

Thanks for reading!

JK Whited – Senior Hitting Instructor

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6 thoughts on "End Late Swings and Foul Balls – Bat Drag & the Bat Drag Buster!"

  1. Christian Thomann says:

    Hi there,

    just one comment on your last swing for which you use the “bat drag buster”. It looks like your swing is a huge upper cut, almost 45 degrees. I am a little confused when you guys are saying “get the swing on plane with the pitch” and then I see these big upper cuts that seem to have a rather small “hitting zone”, almost comparable to those downward swings that you argue against. Can you clarify what you think the swing angle is that you are advocating for?

    Regards from Germany

    1. jkhittingrebel says:


      Thanks for your comment. For this video I really wanted to show the bat drag buster at work keeping the elbows apart and therefore put a good amount of bend or tilt in my swing. One of the best benefits of the bat drag buster when used correctly is that it will allow the batter to sharply turn the barrel back up into the hitting zone and elevate any pitch height. In this case the ball was slightly above knee height and I wanted to try to hit the ball around a 34 degree launch angle. If you stop the video around the 1:27 mark you can see the blur of the white barrel in between the ball and where the catchers mitt would be. This is the depth and the speed that all great hitters show in their best swings.

      Not to say mine is perfect at all but this “big idea” is what all hitters should train to achieve. Is it a little aggressively up? Yeah maybe just a little. From my years of teaching players of all ages and talent levels I have found that most players, including myself will often times flatten out more as they see live pitching or BP so by practicing with a slightly more aggressive upward attack angle the hitter is more inclined to have a nice upward bat path. In my opinion an aggressive upward barrel path will always result in a higher chance of a hit than a slightly down or level(to the ground) swing. If I miss too under the ball, I will have deeper fly balls that can be productive outs still. Also, if I miss to high on the ball I can still have hard top spin contact that will shoot through the infield faster.

      Hope this answered your question. Thanks for watching!

      JK Whited

  2. Christian Thomann says:

    thanks for getting back to me. Very interesting stuff. Any way to cut down on those 50 $ shipping cost to Germany? 🙂

  3. Colby Sanford says:

    JK, the bat drag buster is an excellent hitting aid.. Made a huge difference in my sons swing after only a few minutes of use.. Thank you guys for a great product!!

  4. John says:

    Just received my bat drag buster in the mail today. Are there any instructions on using the red band that came with it? What is its purpose.

    1. Chas Pippitt says:


      There are instructions and YouTube videos that go with your product.

      Head to our YouTube page and you’ll find all the drills there.

      WHITE BAND goes in between the elbows in front of the chest. RED BAND goes behind the back. Use one or the other. Never both at the same time.


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