Baseball Rebellion’s Online Showcase- Hitting with JK Whited

Written By: JK Whited

Hello everyone!  For my next series of videos, I thought I would take some time to illustrate some of the many aspects of the swing we teach with real-life examples.  The examples will be pulled from some of my online clients with some comparisons to big league hitters along the way.

My hope is that you can take parts of these videos and apply the same concepts and see them in action in real time swings.  Take note that not everything will always be perfect. We know that it takes years to groove a good swing.

I was told so often that I couldn't hit like the guys we see on TV because I wasn't them.  I'd like to show you that it can be done. Enjoy and please reach out with questions if you have them!

Online Showcase Key Swing Points:

-Baseline Confidence- This hitter and I have talked a lot about understanding what his baseline confidence is. He knows when he is struggling he can go back to those thoughts and still produce hits for his team even when he’s not feeling the best at the plate.

-Elevating the Ball to the Outfield- See how this hitter uses his body and proper angles to drive the ball to the outfield even though he did not achieve perfect contact.

-Internal Hip Rotation in the Stride- How internally rotating the hip during the stride sets up max preparation for creating hip to shoulder separation. Giving him a better chance of hitting the ball harder.

-Head and Chest Posture- Keep his spine angle and head positioning back throughout his swing allows this hitter to work the barrel back down to the catcher’s mitt and back up through the plane of the pitch. Doing this will help hitters drive the ball in the air more often.

-Contact Position- This hitter keeps his hands high and has great side bend at contact. The side bend allows his to again swing back up at the ball and be in a stronger position at contact.

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