Band-Separation Rotation Drill for Pitchers

Written By: Dave Shinskie
Dave Shinskie, Baseball Rebellion's Lead Pitching Instructor, takes us through the band separation drill for pitchers

This is an advanced drill using the Rebel's Rack Bands or any band that connects to a fence or wall. Connect the band to a lower level on a fence or hook using a carabiner.  Use the tension on the band to allow your arm swing to start to swing down and back. This is this the relaxed motion out of the glove. The next move is using the back side of your body (back hip and torso) to bring the band up into 90-degrees behind the head. This is the separation part of the drill and will challenge your balance. It will be difficult if the body movement is not used correctly. Pretend you are pulling someone up off a cliff, you wouldn’t use just your arms, you would use your torso and back get more power.

The next part is the most difficult as you’re trying to rotate the upper body but keep the band in one spot. This is the move that translates into the throw where you want to get to, when in full external rotation. The chest should start to rotate forward like into a throw. As the band gets out in front of the head like when a ball release, try to hold for a count of five seconds. This drill will challenge you as well as give you feedback if not done correctly. The tension will be too much to handle and you will be off balance. Try this drill and see if you can get through all the steps without losing your balance.

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