3 Hitting Drills you MUST do this Preseason

Written By: JK Whited

1. Turn to Catch

Are your hitters pulling there head out when swinging? TheTurn to Catch Drill will help! The Turn to Catch Drill helps hitters work on their head placement during the swing, while keeping their eye on the ball.  This drill should be done at a slower pace, with a high level of focus.

2. The Wheel Drill

Did grounders drop you down in the lineup last year? Use The Wheel Drill in your preseason training when you are trying to fix your downward swing path. This is a great drill to help a hitter feel the early tilt in their swing and then feel the upward swing path through contact!

3. The JK Drill

Use the JK drill in your preseason training when you are trying to connect your backhand and back shoulder during your swing. JK is seen doing the drill here with the Rebel's Rack and Launch Angle Tee!

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