3 Blocking Drills for Catchers

Written By: Eric Tyler

Blocking Drills for Catchers

Catching is a position that takes a special type of player. They have to have the toughness to withstand a physical toll greater than any other position on the field. Catching is the only position on the field that a ball is being thrown at them as hard as possible for every single pitch.

They have to not only be able to receive the ball well but also keep any errant throws in front of them to resist giving away extra bases. That toughness and execution of being able to block a pitch must be taught and trained.

Catcher's Blocking Wins Games

While it is definitely the most painful part of catching and the least fun to practice, a good catcher must be able to block well. It is a trained and learned skill that must be developed. If you want to play more as a catcher, make sure pitchers like to throw to you. I promise if they trust that they can bury a breaking ball in the dirt and not give up a base, they'll love throwing to you.

3 Main Components of Being a Good Catcher

1) Receiving

Receiving has become quite a popular discussion lately in the catching community. However, if you can't make strikes look like strikes and steal a few calls along the way, might want to look at a position change.

Click here for my favorite drill to improve your receiving skills.

2) Blocking

Without the ability to receive the ball at a high level, blocking doesn't matter. However, if you can really receive and throw but have no desire to block the ball at a high level, no pitchers will want to throw to you.

Desire is the keyword in that last sentence. Blocking becomes a whole lot easier when you want to block the ball. If you're scared of the ball of wearing one on the wrist, you have no shot of being a good blocker.

3) Throwing

The least important part of being a catcher is often the most trained and the most worried about. Everyone wants to throw a 1.9 pop time and I agree it is useful to have a strong/accurate arm. However, if you can't receive and block the ball it simply doesn't matter how strong your arm is.

That strong arm will play great in Right Field. There are a lot more catchers that receive and block really well with an average arm than catchers who can't receive/block but have a plus arm.

Feel like your receiving/blocking skills are up to par? Click here for my favorite throwing drill.

3 Drills to Improve Blocking

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