2016 Little League World Series Swing Breakdowns and Analysis

Written By: Gabe Dimock

The Little League World Series is in full swing with the Championship games coming up this weekend. While I haven’t been able to watch as many of the games as I would like, I did watch many of the highlights and picked out a couple of my favorite swings to breakdown. While there were many noteworthy swings, I didn’t find too many that embodied our Baseball Rebellion methodology as a whole. That being said, there were certainly many who displayed parts of what we teach well. Two of those players were Donovan Antonia and Gael Cortez. Both of these players had strong showings in the LLWS and hit multiple home runs. Antonia is a strong kid who displays an almost perfect barrel turn. He is a great example of someone who uses his strength to support his swing while his bigger and stronger muscles do the majority of the damage. Gael Cortez is smaller than Antonia but has lightning quick turning ability. In both of the home runs I saw, it appeared that he was going to be late before absolutely destroying the ball over the pullside wall. Part of the reason for Cortez’ success is that he allows himself to move forward well and use his legs and core to power his turn. While Cortez does a nice job of swinging up, he doesn’t quite create the best possible separation because of his lack of retraction in his back shoulder blade. Watch the videos below as I breakdown these two hitters swings.

Donovan Antonia

Gael Cortez

Thanks for reading and watching!

Gabe Dimock – Baseball Rebellion Hitting Instructor

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Tim Beekley
Tim Beekley

Love it Gabe! This is actually one of my favorite articles every year around LLWS time.