Rebel’s Rack HitTrax Comparisons

The Rebel’s Rack is one of the fastest ways to see great results in the way you hit the ball! Here are results from HitTrax training sessions to prove it!

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3 Hitting Drills To Make Youth Practice Fun!

One of the biggest problems when trying to create a good practice environment for youth players is keeping them focused for the entirety of the practice time. One of the best ways to help keep your youth players interested and focused is to implement some fun and basic drills. We’ll take a look at three drills youth players can do to help their bat path, rhythm, and power at the plate, while having fun and staying focused.

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Helping Your Hitter Out Of A Slump

Everybody goes through slumps at some point. When it’s your hitter, make sure you are doing the right things to help them. Chas Pippitt gives you some simple strategies that can make a world of difference.

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How To Hit Off A Tee

Many little league coaches and parents love coaching and working with kids, but don’t have a ton of experience teaching hitting. This article points out the key points that will help your young players who are beginning their journey in baseball or softball. It is super important that every player has a solid base and a good turn so that they can develop properly and have more fun in the sport!

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Throwing Injury Prevention For Baseball & Softball Players

Baseball Rebellion’s on-site physical therapist Gabe Dimock takes you through common causes for throwing-related injuries and how to prevent them!

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Front Arm Chain

The front arm is crucial to keeping any swing properly connected. JK shows how to use this one arm drill to keep from pulling off the ball and stay connected.

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One Drill for Better Bat Path

Eric Tyler describes how Baseball Rebellion uses the split grip drill to help improve both barrel direction and bat path.

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Using Your Load to Improve Your Timing

With the season approaching, timing is often a major concern at this time of year. This article explains how a simple 4-part drill progression can help make the adjustment from cage to game a seamless one.

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Create Better Separation with the Rebel’s Rack

The ability for an athlete to rotate in proper kinematic sequence allows for maximum speed gain throughout rotation. The first step in this sequence is proper hip shoulder separation. Oftentimes in rotation, the first mistake is the worst mistake. Learning to properly disassociate pelvic rotation from shoulder rotation is key in creating bat speed.

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Hit More Line Drives- Without Changing Your Swing

Eric Tyler explains how shifting your contact point can help you hit more line drives, without changing your mechanics!

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How the Hands REALLY work in the swing

Many coaches at all levels tell their hitters to ‘line up their door knocking knuckles’. This is not only incorrect, but it puts many players in an extremely weak position when attempting to turn the bat into the hitting zone… The Box Grip, where you line up the knockers with the punching knuckles is what we have taught for years. And while more more correct and widely used in the mlb, there may be a better way.

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What No One Tells You About Hitter’s Spinning Off the Ball

Every coach, instructor or parent that has ever worked in baseball has dealt with a hitter ”spinning off”. If it’s so common and has been dealt with so often, why is it still around? Here is what no one is saying about “spinning off”.

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