Front Shoulder From Flying Open

Stop your front shoulder flying open by learning how to load properly and maximize your bat speed and power. Check out one drill to help fix this!

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3 Skills You Must Be Improving While Staying Inside

Athletes looking for something to do while stuck at the house? Look no further. Here are the 3 skills you can improve at the house with little equipment needed.

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The Bo – Go Drill

Check out Bo Bichette and how he uses his lower half to create power without being super physical. His dynamic lower half helps him achieve this.

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Load Your Back Hip For More Torque and Power

Learn how loading into your back hip in your stride can create more torque in your swing and help you hit the ball harder and farther with more consistency.

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Arm Health and Velocity Development for Position Players

Everyone knows that arm health and velocity are two important factors for all ball players, but too often we only reference them from the pitcher’s perspective

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Stay at Home Hitting & Fielding Drills- Week 1

Baseball Rebellion gives you five stay at home drills for hitting and fielding that can be done anywhere in the house! Don’t let your training fall behind.

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Statement from Baseball Rebellion CEO Chas Pippitt

A message from CEO Chas Pippitt regarding COVID-19 and the temporary closing of BRHQ.

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How to Train Timing without a Moving Ball

The longer a hitter can see the ball the better swing decisions they will make. How well a hitter accelerates is vital to being able to wait longer before committing to swing. The good news is you can train your hitter’s acceleration and timing by only using a medicine ball.

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Four Indoor Hitting Drills You Can Do Today

Here are four indoor hitting drills you can do in your garage, back yard, and even your living room. Don’t let your training fall behind!

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What Does Being Connected in the Swing Actually Look Like?

Not only do we have to move our body properly but we also have to keep the bat connected to our swing. Once hitters understand the relationship between bat angle and early connection they can make the adjustments rather quickly. This article will explain exactly what you’re looking for in regards to the ideal bat angle when you load and how fixing this will result in a much more powerful swing

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Creating the Engine to Your Swing

JK Whited breaks down THREE key phases of Javy Baez’s swing and how you can learn from him for help creating the engine to your swing.

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Create Proper Bat Path with the PVC Pipe Drill

This drill focuses hitters to turn behind the ball early which helps creates proper bat path which allows hitters to stay in the hitting zone for longer.

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