5 Reasons Why Online Lessons Might Be a Great Fit For You

Written By: Gabe Dimock

Whenever I talk with people about the online baseball/softball lesson program at Baseball Rebellion, it is usually a new concept to them. The first question usually asked is, Why don’t players  just take lessons from someone local? Unfortunately the number of baseball/softball instructors who are armed with good information, have good character, and know how to produce consistent results are very limited. If you are lucky enough to be within driving distance of these instructors, I highly encourage you to work with them! For the majority of parents and players who are looking for a proven plan and instructor who will tailor a personalized training progression to the individual client, Baseball Rebellion Online Hitting or Pitching Lessons might be a great fit! Below are 5 reasons that you should strongly consider the online lesson approach to learning.

1. No More Guessing

As someone who took a large number of lessons and gave a few lessons while I was still playing (and had no idea what I was doing), I can tell you that the vast majority of hitting coaches are guessing regarding the problems their players are facing when hitting or pitching. The human eye is too slow to see exactly what is happening in the baseball/softball swing or throw at full speed. This leads to inefficient results and often the player  begins practicing things that are detrimental or irrelevant to their swing at best. This doesn’t sound like something most players or parents would want to pay for. With the use technology like slow motion video analysis of clients and professionals, Baseball Rebellion works to systematically understand optimal body movements and train the movements that produce successful results. Baseball Rebellion has shown the impact of these movement changes time and time again via the Hit Trax system that tracks the velocity, Launch Angle, and Distance of every ball hit at the Baseball Rebellion facility. The Baseball Rebellion website has a wealth of FREE material from the hundreds of articles and case studies we have written. These should serve as proof to you of the quality and depth of information you will be getting from the Baseball Rebellion staff. Below are just a few of the case studies from our site:

Case study 1: https://baseballrebellion.com/cpippitt/baseball-rebellion-case-study-online-in-person-effective-either-way/

Case Study 2: https://baseballrebellion.com/gabedimock/baseball-rebellion-case-study-hannah-morris/

Case Study 3: https://baseballrebellion.com/category/br-case-study/

Case Study 4: https://baseballrebellion.com/jkhittingrebel/case-study-more-than-just-a-good-swing/

2. A Clear Plan

While some instructors can identify problems in a swing accurately, it is even more important that they know how to improve the issues they see. This is something that takes a great deal of skill from the instructor because many players with similar mechanical problems will respond differently to various drills/cues that are designed to promote a positive change. Baseball Rebellion makes a clear plan that is tailored to each individual client according to their specific age, needs, and learning style. Below is a template of our training progression that we make for each player:

3. Quick Feedback With Explanations That Are Thorough Yet Simple

Baseball Rebellion’s online hitting instructors have a great turn around time of no more than three business days. This allows for quick and effective communication of feedback, concepts, drills, and next steps for clients. The feedback given is delivered with the appropriate “voice” for each client. Our goal is to give in-depth and thorough feedback but in away that is simple and easy to understand. One of our mottos is that if an Elementary school student can’t understand the feedback, then the feedback needs to change! One of my favorite videos to watch is of one of our 6 year old breaking down the baseball swing. His great explanation is a result of the common and easily understood language used at Baseball Rebellion.

4. Access to Old Videos and Ability to Watch Drills Over and Over Through HUDL Technique

One of the best benefits to online lessons with Baseball Rebellion is that you can watch previous feedback and drills an unlimited number of times through HUDL Technique! While in person lessons are great, the benefit of watching feedback and drills remotely is not generally offered with in person lessons. With Baseball Rebellion’s recent switch to HUDL Technique, you will be using a unbelievably user friendly app that will give you easy access to submitting video. Here is a link to a recent article about HUDL Technique and baseball Rebellion: https://baseballrebellion.com/gabedimock/baseball-rebellion-online-lessons-hudl-technique/

5. Access to the Instructor of Your Choice

Every instructor at Baseball Rebellion has been trained and is certified in the Baseball Rebellion system of teaching. That being said, all instructors have differing strengths and voices that work better with different players. You have access to choose your instructor and change instructors at any time. Some clients choose to periodically switch instructors so that they can hear concepts explained in different ways. This can help clients glean the benefits of the strengths of all the Baseball Rebellion Instructors. All BR instructors are extremely accessible and can be reached through phone and email easily. Below are example lessons from each of the instructors.

Gabe Dimock

JK Whited

KC Judge

Tyler Zupcic

Dave Shinskie

For any of you who have been thinking about an alternative to traditional in-person instruction, I hope this has given you a picture and sense for the benefits of online lessons with Baseball Rebellion!

Gabe Dimock – Baseball Rebellion Hitting Instructor