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Increase Throwing Velocity with the Prowler Pull
February 10, 2017, No comments

Prowler Pull Your Way to More Velocity There is a common misconception that “pushing off the rubber” helps pitchers throw faster. Many pitching instructors still teach this flawed use of […]

Proper Front Side Pitching Mechanics

Proper Front Side Pitching Mechanics

October 27, 2016, No comments

Proper Front Side Pitching Mechanics Have you ever wondered how to use the front half of your body properly through your pitching delivery? In this B ...

Pitching Drill - Pitching With Barriers

Pitchers, How & Why to add an Old School Leg Kick to your Delivery

August 18, 2016, No comments

Pitchers, How & Why to add an “Old School” Leg Kick to your Delivery! There are a few points in a pitchers delivery that can be looke ...

Shoulder External Rotation

5 Way External Rotation: A Better Approach to Shoulder Health

June 23, 2016, 6 Comments

This article is about a very popular exercise used in strength and conditioning programs for throwers, and how it can be manipulated to be substan ...

  • Lesson Look In: A Lesson In Finishing
    October 2, 2014, 15 Comments

    Young pitchers have a tendency to be overanxious at times in their delivery, leading to the throwing arm not fully finishing back into the body.  From my experience, the activation […]