About Baseball Rebellion

Baseball Rebellion is dramatically changing the methodology of hitting and pitching instruction throughout America. Utilizing slow motion video analysis, physics, and exercise and sports science, Baseball Rebellion offers the most advanced research and training programs for Baseball and Softball. At Baseball Rebellion, you have the ability to train and take lessons from the best instructors, with the most current, and scientifically proven, information in baseball, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

Through Baseball Rebellion’s online pitching and hitting lesson programs, Baseball Rebellion can teach any age or ability level the most efficient and healthy movement patterns, for pitching and/or hitting. Baseball Rebellion also publishes their knowledge and research in articles on baseballrebellion.com. Whether discussing certain hitting / pitching drills and products, or doing video analysis of the best players in the game, Baseball Rebellion always is looking at new ways to view and perfect the difficult aspects in the game of baseball / softball, and share our findings with you. Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter @BRrebellion


About Baseball Rebellion: Chas PippittChas Pippitt: @ChasPippitt_BR

Chas Pippitt is the founder of Baseball Rebellion, and creator of the Baseball Rebellion / I.T.S. Baseball Hitting System. Chas has invented three hitting products, the Drive Developer, the Rebel’s Rack, and the Bat Drag Buster, currently used in all 50 states and internationally in over 12 countries. When not working on articles or doing online lessons for Baseball Rebellion, Chas Pippitt is the owner / head hitting instructor at I.T.S. Baseball. A baseball training facility, in North Carolina, which offers in-person lessons and acts as the research facility for Baseball Rebellion. Chas has done over 16,000 lessons, giving him the unique ability to develop powerful and adjustable hitters, using his proprietary drills and special ability to explain and improve hitting techniques to hitters of all ages through video.




About Baseball Rebellion: Justin OrenduffJustin “Duff” Orenduff: @JustinOrenduff

Justin Orenduff is the co-founder of the Pitching wing of Baseball Rebellion. In his 3 year stint as Head Pitching Instructor at I.T.S. Baseball, Justin has gained much local notoriety as an excellent pitching development specialist.  In 2014, Justin created the Delivery Value System (DVS), the only mechanics based statistically significant model for risk assessment and performance prediction in pitchers. Currently, Justin does Online Lessons through Baseball Rebellion and in person lessons through I.T.S. Baseball.  He has been the lead writer for the Baseball Pitching Rebellion since its inception in 2012.   Prior to I.T.S. Baseball/Baseball Rebellion, Justin was a collegiate All-American at George Washington and VCU, pitched for Team USA, and was a first round draft pick of the LA Dodgers (33rd overall).  After a 7 year MiLB Career, Justin returned to VCU and obtained his degree in Business in 2011.


About Baseball Rebellion: JK WhitedJK Whited: @JKWhited

JK Whited is the 1st instructor to be certified in Baseball Rebellion and I.T.S. Baseball’s Hitting System. JK has done over 7,000 lessons in his career and has worked at I.T.S. Baseball, the training/research facility for Baseball Rebellion since 2011. Since beginning writing articles for Baseball Rebellion in 2013,  has been working with many clients from all over the world in Online Lessons as well. JK Whited works alongside Chas Pippitt and Gabe Dimock everyday, to create the most current techniques and drills to improve hitters at any age. JK had a stand out career at UNC-Asheville, where he started 4 years behind the plate, and was a captain his junior and senior year. As a junior, JK was on the watch-list for the Johnny Bench Award, the best catcher in college baseball. JK graduated in 2006 with a B.S. in Marketing from UNC-Asheville.



About Baseball Rebellion: Gabe DimockGabe Dimock:

Gabe Dimock is  the 2nd instructor to be certified in Baseball Rebellion and I.T.S. Baseball’s Hitting System. He has worked at Baseball Rebellion since 2013 and in that time has built a solid local reputation as a gifted hitting and catching instructor.  Gabe Dimock’s first article was published on BaseballRebellion.com in 2014 and his contribution to lessons and technique has been invaluable since joining the staff.  Gabe is the coordinator and head instructor of the I.T.S. Baseball Catching Class, helping develop catching technique behind the plate for kids of all ages. Gabe Dimock played catcher at Appalachian State University with a great story of work ethic and perseverance. Gabe originally started playing for the club baseball team, leading the team to 2 regional berths, the team’s first ever World Series, and earned team MVP his sophomore year. Gabe, then made the varsity team, and started his senior season and was named team MVP. He graduated from Appalachian State University with a B.S. in exercise science.


I.T.S. Baseball

I.T.S. Baseball:

I.T.S. Baseball is the Research/Training Facility for Baseball Rebellion, Located in Hillsborough, NC. Chas Pippitt, Justin Orenduff , JK Whited, and Will Fox work with clients, do research, and write for Baseball Rebellion at our in person location, I.T.S. Baseball. While our online lesson techniques are extremely effective, we have had clients fly in from over 29 different states to train, in person, with Chas, Justin, JK, Gabe, and Will.  Visit www.itsbaseball.net for more information.